Since 1993, Laural Merlington has steadily become one of the premier audiobook narration artists in the country; comfortable with a multitude of genres, dialects, genders and characterizations. With over 200 titles to her credit, Laural continues to produce narrations that capture the true essence of the stories she reads, making the visual landscape come alive in her voice.

Long an AudioFile Magazine 'Earphone Award' winner, Laural's narration of the 2008 non-fiction exploration of the middle east, Robin Wright's Dreams and Shadows, wound up on the New York Times' '100 Notable Books of 2008'.

Although narrating audiobooks is a staple of her work, she also does audiobook direction and video documentary voice-over, like 2006's The Reckoning: Remembering the Dutch Resistance. Look and listen to a portion of that documentary by clicking here.

Publisher's studios are ideal but if the time and situation require it, Laural can do her own recording and editing in her Pro Tools powered home studio.

Latest AudioFile Mag 'Earphone' Award Winner!

NEVER SAY DIE by Susan Jacoby

Never Say Die